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Mark your Calendars for an Enchanting Couple's Retreat in a Real Tudor's Castle!

Strengthen your Bonds & Beepen your Connection



Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to rejuvenate your relationship and create lasting memories at the stunning Thornbury Castle.

This retreat is the most powerful experiences for couples and we can say this after teaching it for the last decade.

This promises to be an unforgettable experience for you and your partner unlike anything you have experienced. The Getting the Love you Want Couples Retreat transforms marriages, families, and YOU.



Tens of thousands of couples worldwide have attended the Imago Weekend Marriage Workshops for couples. It is called¬†‚ÄúGetting the Love You Want‚Ä̬†because it is closely based on the best seller of the same name by Harville Hendrix, Ph.D., who personally developed this workshop over a 16-year period. Decades later it is being offered in dozen of countries!

Our marriage and couples retreats take you and your spouse or partner on a journey, and at the end, you will leave with insights into how you can create a deeply satisfying and long-lasting relationship in partnership, as well as having learned skills that can help you to achieve that.



Through exercises that you will share with your partner, you will explore some of your emotional histories, and learn how these influence both the reason you chose your partner and also the reasons that you may experience a power struggle.



In Imago therapy, we say that the Imago Workshop is likened to 6 months of marriage counseling due to the deepening work that is done over the weekend. Depending on your area, this is worth thousands of dollars of sessions.


It is the quickest jumpstart to your marriage, especially if your relationship has been in a negative place. 


Can't wait until next August? We have you covered. We have an online course that is free just for those who have registered for the retreat. It will take you through the skills and exercises that will prepare you to get the most out of our in person time in England. 


Imago views the power struggles and conflicts that occur in relationships as a natural part of love, and also a great opportunity to deepen your love and make the relationship more satisfying.
Within your disagreements with your partner lie important clues about how to transform your love into something even richer, as long as you can discuss these issues in a way that feels comfortable and positive. That’s why during the workshop we teach you how to use the Imago Dialogue to improve communication skills.
This is a powerful approach to exploring deep emotional issues and restoring the lost connections.


We will ask for volunteer couples that can be coached in front of the class through demonstrations, and then give you plenty of time to practice and apply the dialogue to the insights you develop throughout the workshop.
There’s always help close by if you get stuck! Each member of our team has hundreds of hours of training and experience working with actual couples in their marriage therapy offices.

This six-day, five-night all inclusive relationship workshop package includes first class meals, a private bed chamber, and a vow renewal or marriage ceremony (airfare is not included). 



Special offers:

Take advantage of an early bird discount and make your retreat even more rewarding. Save 5% if you register between February 14th and May 1st.
Enjoy the following exclusive perks as part of your early bird package: 
A professional photo shoot to capture your cherished moments together.
Complimentary private car pick-up from the airport, ensuring a smooth and stress-free arrival.
Note: Limited availability. Reserve your spot early to secure your desired accommodation and benefit from these exclusive offers. 



Accommodation Options:


Choose from a variety of elegant accommodations to suit your preferences:
Romantic Deluxe Suites with a bathtub at $14,999 per couple or with the early bird discount $7,124 per person
Superior Bedchambers with ensuite bathrooms at $13,999 per couple or with the early bird discount $6,649 per person
Romantic Deluxe Bedchamber with ensuite bathrooms at $12,999 per couple or with the early bird discount $6,174 per person


Every package includes:

Video and printed learning materials before the retreat to help you relax and get the most from your experience. (These are not necessary for you to do beforehand).
Six months of aftercare to help you take all of your new insights and skills back to your daily life. A private Facebook Group, Monthly question and answer meetings, at home exercises, and a private one-on-one, one-hour check in.


Exclusive use of the castle and its gardens and grounds for your privacy and enjoyment. You will know the other guests and staff so you can freely explore this historical site. The restaurants will only be serving our group. 
Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to rejuvenate your relationship and create lasting memories at the stunning Thornbury Castle.


Act fast and request to register for The Getting The Love You Want Couples Retreat at Thornbury Castle. This is truly a journey, and at the end, you'll leave with new insights into how you can create a healthy and fulfilling relationship. This workshop includes how to create a vision and concludes with a formal, elegant visioning ceremony. 


Select your package and register today!
Space is limited. Each bedchamber and suite is unique!



We look forward to welcoming you and your beloved partner for an unforgettable experience in this enchanting and historical location.



Sunday Aug 25
2 pm Walking History Tour (optional)
3 pm  Check in to your room
4:30 pm  Welcome & Program Introduction
7 pm Introductions & BBQ Welcome Dinner
Monday Aug 26
7:30 am Breakfast Buffet
8:30 am Intentional Dialogue
12 - 1:30 Break
1:30 pm Castle Activities
4:30 - 7 pm  Quality time together
7 pm Three-course Dinner
Tuesday Aug 27
7:30 am Breakfast Buffet
8:30 am The Nightmare
12 pm - 1:30  Mid-day break
1:30 pm The Dream
4:30 - 7 pm Quality time together
7 pm Three-course Dinner 
Wednesday Aug 28
7:30 am Breakfast Buffet
8:30 am  Class
12 - 1:30 pm Picnic Lunch and Vision exercise
1:30 pm  Working on Your Relationship Vision 
4:30 - 7 pm  Free time
7 pm Three-course Dinner 
Thursday Aug 29
7:30 am Breakfast Buffet
Private time until 1:00 pm
2 pm Vision Ceremony
5:30 - 7 pm Quality time together
7 pm Six-course tasting menu and wine flight 
Friday Aug 30
7:30 am Breakfast Buffet
8:30 am Goodbye Dialogue
10 am Packing
11 am Check out