Meet Stephen and Michelle


Meet Michelle and Stephen, a dynamic partnership on a mission to reignite connection in couples' lives. As co-presenters and a married couple themselves, they bring a wealth of personal experience and professional expertise to this transformative workshop.

Michelle, a seasoned licensed psychotherapist, possesses a profound understanding of the human psyche and an unwavering passion for couples therapy. She empowers couples to craft the relationship of their dreams. Stephen draws his wisdom and inspiration from his personal journey as both a man who has mastered the art of loving his partner the way she needs and a non-therapist who offers a relatable viewpoint.

Our journey reflects the shared experiences of countless couples – the moments of connection and the inevitable ruptures. Our story speaks of a commitment that survived a few brushes with separation. With over 25 years of partnership and more than 15 years dedicated to this theory, we have mastered the art of repairing ruptures and rekindling passion and are ready to help more couples do the same. Our methodology is not just theoretical; it's a tested and proven path to rediscovering the love that couples promise each other. 

Stephen + Michelle Bohls

It’s Time To Renew Your Love  

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to

seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it 


Meet Roland and Pierrette


Pierrette Richard and Roland Bryar, renowned Imago “Getting The Love You Want” presenters, offer a transformative workshop experience. With Pierrette's empathetic psychology background and Roland's creative and heartfelt insights, they guide couples through Imago principles and experiential learning. Their dynamic synergy empowers couples to cultivate authentic connections, enhancing mutual understanding and intimacy. As dedicated facilitators, they inspire couples to transcend limitations, fostering harmonious partnerships and deeper love. With their passion for joy and romance, they founded “Amour-Imago-Love, Training Centre for Relationships.” 

Pierrette Richard + Roland Bryar


With Michelle, Stephen, Pierrette and Roland as your guides, you'll learn to mend your disconnection, reignite intimacy, and forge a path to enduring love. Join these two couples at the Getting The Love You Want Retreat at Thornbury and embark on a transformative journey that promises to reshape your approach to love and relationships. Let their shared wisdom illuminate the way to a future where connection, passion, and unwavering love flourish.

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