Renew Your Love at Thornbury Castle at the NEXT RETREAT in 2025!

The Getting The Love You Want Couples Retreat & Workshop is a life changing experience. You'll leave together with new insights and new tools to continue to create a healthy and fulfilling relationship at home.


Fly into London or Bristol


Thornbury Castle is 2.5 hours from London


ūüóďÔłŹ¬†August 25¬†- 30, 2024

Your relationship deserves first class tender, loving care and the luxury of time to

Nurture Your Connection.

Even if you have been struggling in your relationship, you can find a new way forward by learning with this internationally renowned communication system to produce rapid shifts back into connection.

Break destructive patterns of communicating

Develop increased compassion and understanding for your partner


Renew the passion and pleasure in your relationship

Discover how emotional healing can occur in your relationship

Practice new behaviors with your partner in privacy

Recapture the love, laughter, and joy with enhanced closeness

"There is no doubt in our minds that this workshop will transform your relationship."

Princeton, NJ

"We have a passionate relationship but we came because we wanted to learn about Imago Therapy and heard great things about the Getting The Love You Want workshop. This process helped us learn things about each other we didn't know before and it just helped us have an even more amazing relationship. Thank you Michelle and Stephen!"

Austin, Texas
C & D

"This workshop helped us learn things about each other with safe and easy to understand lectures and exercises we did in private."

Austin, Texas
V. M.


The History of Thornbury Castle

The castle was originally conceived and constructed by Edward Stafford, the only man to rival the king’s wealth and status at that time. It was a display of wealth and ambition that Henry did not take kindly to, and after Stafford was found guilty of treason, the king took control of this castle he so coveted.

A brief, beloved retreat for Henry and Anne Boleyn, Thornbury Castle has since weathered the tumult of British history over the centuries. Today, it stands just as tall as it did in those days of courtly intrigue; renewed with care by its current custodians and imbued with the regal grandeur of its past. Built to impress the most powerful man in the country, five centuries later, it still impresses…

Thornbury Castle sustainably develops and protects their grounds and gardens. They grow their own herbs, grow their plant stock from seed or cuttings, enabling them to get the best quality stock without having to import. Over the last three years they planted 30 fruit trees within The New Orchard on the estate.

The New Orchard is grazed by a flock of Boreray Sheep, which are on the rare breeds list and are currently classed as a vulnerable breed. Within their walled gardens they have a number of original bee boles; these are now filled with 12 bee skeps. These are traditional bee hives which were used during the Tudor period. The castle uses products that are produced in our gardens, such as vegetables, herbs and eggs.


Frequent Questions




Tour and orientation to the castle

3 pm - 4 pm Check in to your room

4:30 pm Welcome and Program Introductions

7 pm Introductions & BBQ Welcome Dinner



7:30 am Breakfast

8:30 am - 1:30 pm   Key Communication Skills

3 - 6:30 pm  Adding Positive Energy

7 pm Three Course Dinner 



7:30 am Breakfast

 8:30 am Understanding the forces underneath the conflict patterns (The Nightmare)

1 pm Picnic

3 pm The Dream

7 pm Three Course Dinner 



7:30 am Breakfast

8:30 am Creating a Sacred Union 

1 pm The Vision

7 pm Three Course Dinner 




7:30 am Breakfast and time to pamper each other

2 pm Renewal and commitment ceremony

7 pm Six-Course Tasting Menu and Wine Flight 



7:30 am Breakfast

8:30 am Closing

10 am ‚ÄÉPacking

11 am Check out

We Are Interested - Let's Chat!

The Getting The Love You Want Couples Retreat & Workshop is a journey, and at the end, you'll leave together with new insights into how you can continue to create a healthy and fulfilling relationship. 

Our final day is for rest and renewal. Dress up and celebrate your love at a semi-formal ceremony and dinner.